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Complete Guide on Etihad Airways Flight Booking

Is it your first time booking a flight from Etihad Airways? Are you all confused? Then, let’s explore what you all need to know about Etihad Airways. This is one of the best airline services in the world providing high-end hospitality to its loyal, regular passengers and new passengers.

The Etihad Airways- Inception

Etihad Airways is one of the two major airlines of the United Arab Emirates. It is headquartered in Abu Dabi, near Abu Dabi International Airport. It is the second largest airport after Emirates in UAE. The operations for this airway started in 2003. The Airways serves thousands of flights to more than 100 passengers across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America.

How to Book Flights on Etihad Airways?

If you want to book your flight from Etihad Airways, ensure you are well-versed with its official website. However, you are new to their website. Let us tell you how to book your first flight on Etihad. First, go to their website and then see four sections in blue 1—Book 2. Manage. 3. Check-in 4. Flight Status. Click on to “Book” section and select your current location and flying-to-destination. You can also choose the “return” section in case you wish to book a return ticket. This way you can complete your Etihad Airways flight booking process.

What is the right time for Etihad Airways flight booking?

If you are planning to fly by Etihad Airways. You need to make sure one thing also and that is when to book your flight from Etihad. If you are one of the first flyers, you will probably know the fact that there is always a rush during the festival months. So, make sure you are booking your flight during the non-season time.

What are the modes for Etihad Airways Ticket reservations?

You can book your tickets online with the help of 24/ assistance provided by Etihad Airways. You can book for Economy Class, Economy Standard, and Economy Neighbour-free. You can also follow their Interactive May to choose your seat, manage your Etihad booking, and Check-in.

What is Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy?

If you want to cancel your flight for any reason, there are several policies you need to take care of. You can go to Manage My Booking to cancel your flight booking. For cancellation, there are many things you need to keep in mind such as

1. Once you cancel your flight or make any other changes, the changes will not be reverted or reversed.

2. The airway may charge you some amount against cancellation considering different routes and fares. 3. Before booking, you need to check that your ticket has not been used and is refundable

4. Your ticket must have been issued more than five days ago and is issued using a credit card.

5. Your bank may levy charges against cancellation.

Also, you can do it yourself at Etihad Airways to manage my booking.

What is Etihad Airways Refund Policy?

The refund policy of Etihad Airways may differ from other airline services. If you have canceled your booking, you can expect the below two policies.

1. Your refund may get initiated automatically on your card from where you issued it.

2.  The refund may take 14-30 days to reflect on your card.

3. If you have booked your ticket at least seven days in advance, you can get a full refund on your cancellation, and that too within 24 hours of buying the ticket.

If you want to make sure you can make it more comfortable. you can consult the official website of Etihad Airways.

Does Etihad business class worth it or not?

Many passengers give positive feedback to Etihad Airways as it provides one of the best airline services. You will surely love to enjoy comfortable seats, complete entertainment with free Wi-Fi, delicious food, and beverages. You will also feel cozy and comfy at your seat with complementary hosting services through delicate air hosts.  You can also make changes to your seating plan at any time.

What is Etihad Airways Baggage Policy?

If you want to know about the Baggage policy of Etihad Airways, there are many factors you need to know. However, they have their own portal where you can take the information for different baggage allowances. There are six segments that are divided to solve all your baggage-related queries.

Buy Extra Baggage

You can face any unpredictable situation at any time during your journey. That’s why you need to be more cautious, especially with your baggage. Also,  In case you want to buy extra baggage, Etihad Airlines services provide the same. They may cost you some extra costs for you. So, be ready for that.

Hand Baggage Fares

If you are someone who likes to travel with lighter baggage, then go for Etihad’s Hand Baggage Only Fares. One of the comfy policies from Etihad Airways. You can purchase their Hand Baggage Only Fares for direct and connecting routes across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Missing or delayed or damaged bags

You can track your delayed or damaged baggage in real time. The operation team will keep you in the loop or you can take the followups timely. Apart from this, you can also make sure about your delayed or damaged bags via their different communication channels such as Chat, Call, Email, or direct consultation.                            

Golf and Sports

If you are traveling with your Gold Club items, you can carry them for free. The item should be included such as balls and one pair of golf shoes. If you are carrying a golf umbrella, it may cost you extra charges. Make sure you're ready with that. Also, it should weigh up to 13kg only.

If you are carrying Scuba Diving equipment, you need to ensure the baggage's dimensions are not exceeding 300cm. The scuba diving equipment may include:                             

  • Scuba regulator
  • Tank harness     
  • Tank pressure gauge (pressure-sensitive devices may need special packaging: the manufacturer will be able to highlight any specific packing requirements)
  • Face mask, fins, and snorkel
  • Buoyancy control device
  • Weight belt
  • Cylinder tank (must be empty and presented at check-in for inspection)

How is Etihad Airways Customer Service?

When it comes to serving the customer with all means and possibilities, Etihad Airways Customer Service is quite competent. Right from assisting with your booking to boarding, they take care of everything. Also, if you have made up your mind t cancel your booking, you will get comprehensive assistance right from cancellation to refund.

FAQ of Etihad Airways Flights

You can go to the official website of Etihad Airways at etihad.com and get your seat booked. Also, you can call their customer care service and ask for a booking.

There is a complete portal from which you can manage your booking. Here, you can make changes to your seats or you can cancel your flight. However, you are conditioned to pay some extra fees for your sudden services.

You can visit the Baggage Service Counter before you leave the airport and collect Property Irregularity Report. Once you get PIR, you will be able to track your delayed items.

Yes. there will be free Wi-Fi availability to cater to your entertainment purposes so that you can enjoy your air journey and make the most out of it.

You can enjoy the food and beverages from Etihad Airway Services for the full 3 main meal courses. There are also separate beverages for alcoholics and non-alcoholics.

Once you have cancelled your booking, it might get 14-30 working days to get back your refund. Till then, you have to be very patient with the authority.

Once you got to know that your bags or some items in them got damaged, please go to the arrival desk and explain the same and they will provide you with possible solutions.

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