Can I Cancel and Get my Money Back on Southwest?

The cancellation policy of Southwest Airlines may be different from other airline services. However, you can complete information on the cancellation policy at their official websites.  For your quick skim, here’s the brief about the cancellation policy at Southwest Airlines.

Cancellation Policy: Southwest Airlines

If you want to cancel the Southwest policy and are skeptical about the refund then you don’t have to worry much about that. In most cases, you will get a refund without any extra charges. In some cases, there are chances of deduction of taxes or other fee charges. So, be ready for that also. What will be the refund process after cancellation? Here’s the process:

  • When you cancel your booking, the customer care department of Southwest gets the request.
  • Once the request is accounted for, they process the refund from their side to the original payment method.
  • The refund may take around 7 business days or two billing cycles from the time they got the request.
  • Till then be patient with your call.
  • Also, make sure your cancellation of the ticket comes under the eligible refund criteria.

How Can I Cancel and Get my Money Back on Southwest?

If you want to cancel your flight booking on Southwest Airlines, it is pretty easy. You can go to their official website, look for the ‘Cancel Flight” option and start the process of cancellation of your ticket booking. Also, before canceling your flight, make sure you have thoroughly read the Southwest Cancellation Policy. This will help you make an awesome decision. Apart from this, Southwest Airlines also provides a mobile app service. So, download their official mobile application and go to the “Cancel” option and get your flight canceled. Another question is what is “Will you get your money back after cancellation?’ yes you will get your money back once you are done with the cancellation. The refund process may get 15-30 business days before it reflects in your bank account or any mode of payment you have done during the initial reservation.

How to Get a Refund for the Cancellation?

Once you cancel your booking, the refund may depend on different types of booking at the initial phase of the process. Also, the refund may depend on what mode you have purchased your ticket such as cash, Rapid Rewards Point, or Earlybird boarding. If you have booked your flight under Earlybird boarding, this will not be refunded.

There’s also another option for you to get a refund in Southwest. You can go to and follow the instructions and get your cancellation done within minutes. Then, you can expect the refund within 7 business days.

Does Southwest Allow you to Cancel?

Yes. you can cancel your flight after booking for any reason. But, make sure you have read the cancellation policy before canceling our flight. Because they may lavy some Southwest cancel flight charges.

Can you Cancel Southwest after 24 Hours?

Yes. you can cancel your Southwest flight within 24 hours of booking or ticket reservation. By canceling your ticket you will get a refund to your payment modes such as cash, credit, or any voucher. If you cancel your flight within 24 hours, you will get a complete refund. This means you will be not charged with any tax or extra charges.

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