How Do I Select My Seat at Bangkok Airways?

Enhance your flight experience by getting comfort and choice with Bangkok Airways seat selection options. From the exclusive luxury of Bangkok Airways One to the added perks of Comfort+ and Main Cabin Extra, discover a personalized journey that caters to your unique preferences. Your voyage begins not just at takeoff but with the anticipation of selecting your preferred seat, ensuring your flight is as comfortable as it is unforgettable as is elaborated on this page by WingsTravo. 

How to Choose Seat on Bangkok Airways?

Selecting your ideal seat with Bangkok Airways is a breeze, offering you the power to shape your travel experience. Whether you crave the plush indulgence of Bangkok Airways One or the added perks of Comfort+ and Main Cabin Extra, our seat selection policy puts you in control. To ensure your journey begins with a touch of personalization, preferred seats can be effortlessly chosen through multiple channels. Simply dial Bangkok Airways customer service +1-866-BANGKOK (226-4565) or +1-888-413-6950 (For no less time), access their user-friendly website, or visit the Bangkok Airways Ticketing Office for a seamless experience. Alternatively, select your seat while managing your booking online or during airport counter check-in.

The rates for preferred seats are transparent, displayed in THB for domestic sales and USD for international transactions. Currency conversion follows the Banker’s Selling Rate on the date of purchase. With availability up to an hour before takeoff, securing your desired seat is convenient and flexible. Remember, opting out means leaving your seat fate to chance, with random assignments and no assurance of type or grouping if selection is deferred.

How to Choose Seat on Bangkok Airways?

Selecting your preferred seat on Bangkok Airways is easy and convenient. Follow these simple steps to customize your travel experience:

  • During the booking process, whether online or via Call Center at 1771, you'll reach a stage where seat selection becomes available.
  • If you've already booked your flight, visit our website and go to the "Manage My Booking" section. Here, you can review and modify your reservation, including selecting your preferred seat.
  • If you prefer last-minute decisions, worry not! You can also pick your seat during the counter check-in process at the airport.
  • Rates for preferred seats are displayed in THB for domestic sales and USD for international sales. The conversion to local currency is based on the Banker’s Selling Rate on the day of the transaction.
  • Enjoy flexibility with seat selection available up to one hour before your flight departs.
  • If you choose not to select a preferred seat, seats will be randomly assigned during booking or check-in, without a guarantee of the seat type or grouping.

Make your journey uniquely yours by selecting the seat that suits your preferences with Bangkok Airways. Moreover, you have the option of calling to select your seats at +1-866-BANGKOK (226-4565) or +1-888-413-6950 (For no less time).

Is Bangkok Airways Full Service or Low Cost?

Bangkok Airways distinguishes itself as a full-service airline, surpassing the conventional attributes of a low-cost carrier. The airline is committed to elevating the overall travel experience, prioritizing passenger comfort, and offering an array of premium services. In contrast to the minimalist approach adopted by budget airlines, Bangkok Airways provides a personalized touch from the moment passengers step onto the aircraft.

With diverse cabin classes, including the opulent Bangkok Airways One and the thoughtful amenities in Main Cabin Extra, the airline ensures that every traveler discovers a level of service aligned with their preferences. From dedicated cabin crew to priority boarding, the focus remains on transforming the journey into more than a mere means of transportation. Bangkok Airways seeks to redefine traditional boundaries, offering an enjoyable and satisfying aspect to air travel, enriching the experience for all its valued passengers.

How Do I Avoid paying for Seat Selection on Bangkok Airways?

Bangkok Airways seat selection fees vary based on the chosen seat, fare type, Flyer Bonus Program tier, and passenger type. Bangkok Airways reserves the right to determine eligibility criteria for complimentary seat selection, ensuring a fair and personalized experience.

To avoid the additional expense of seat selection fees on Bangkok Airways, passengers have a couple of cost-effective alternatives. One option is to embrace spontaneity and opt not to choose a preferred seat during booking or check-in. By doing so, seats will be assigned randomly, saving you the extra cost of 400 Baht or 14 USD per person per sector for Extra Legroom Seats (First Row and Emergency Exit Row) and a Bangkok airways seat selection cost of 250 Baht or 9 USD per person per sector for Forward Zone seats.

Passengers who book and pay for their seats early are more likely to enjoy complimentary seat selection, depending on factors such as the type of seat chosen, the fare type, and the Flyer Bonus Program tier at the time of the seat request. This way, you can optimize your chances of securing the seat you desire without incurring additional charges.

We at WingsTravo extend our heartfelt gratitude for choosing Bangkok Airways by calling customer service +1-866-BANGKOK (226-4565) or +1-888-413-6950 (For no less time). In the end, your journey begins with your seat choice – a crucial step in crafting a flight that aligns with your preferences and promises a comfortable voyage ahead.


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