How Do I Select Seats on Japan Airlines?

While passengers can select their JAL seats in advance, the options might be limited due to the high demand or specific booking conditions. Read this blog by WingsTravo to know more.

Does Japan Airlines have Seat Sales?

Japan Airlines occasionally offers promotions and discounts on seats for passengers across various classes, including First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class, and Economy Class. These seat sales provide travelers with the opportunity to enjoy JAL's exceptional service and comfort at reduced fares. However, it's essential to note that the availability of discounted seats may vary depending on factors such as fare type, required mileage for award tickets, and purchase location.

It's important to keep in mind that pre-selected seats may become unavailable if passengers arrive after the check-in close time for their flight. By staying updated with Japan Airlines seat selection promotions and offers, travelers can seize the opportunity to secure discounted seats and enhance their journey with JAL's renowned hospitality and amenities.

What does Paid Seat Mean on Japan Airlines?

On Japan Airlines, a paid seat refers to the option for passengers to select specific seats in advance for a fee. These seats typically offer additional amenities or benefits, such as extra legroom, preferred location within the aircraft, or other comfort-enhancing features. With paid seat selection, travelers can customize their flight experience according to their preferences and needs. This service allows passengers to secure seats in desirable locations like the front row, exit rows, or bulkhead seats, ensuring a more enjoyable journey.

While some seats with extra legroom may be available through paid selection, passengers can also opt for complimentary seat selection when flying with JAL, depending on the availability of seats. By providing this paid seat option, JAL Seat selection policy aims to offer passengers greater flexibility and control over their seating arrangements, allowing them to maximize comfort and convenience throughout their flight.

How to Choose my Seat on Japan Airlines?

Here is how to choose your seat on Japan Airlines:

  • Start by visiting the Japan Airlines website.
  • Look for the "Manage Booking/Online check-in" section and click on it.
  • Enter your last name, first name, and ticket number when prompted.
  • Once you've accessed your booking, you'll see the option to select your seat.
  • Click on "Select Seat" to view the available seats on the interactive seat map.
  • Choose the seat that suits your preferences, whether it's by the window, aisle, or with extra legroom.
  • After JAL choose seat option, review the terms and policies provided by the airline.
  • Once you agree, click on "Continue" to confirm your seat selection.
  • You'll receive a confirmation from Japan Airlines shortly after, confirming your chosen seat for the flight.
  • That's it! You're all set to enjoy your journey with your preferred seat on Japan Airlines.

Why can't I choose my seat on Japan Airlines?

You may find yourself unable to select your seat on Japan Airlines due to various reasons outlined in their policy. Firstly, certain seats, particularly those reserved for Full Fare First class customers, are blocked from online selection and can only be assigned by JAL representatives at the airport.

And then, if all available seats for advance selection have already been assigned, you won't be able to choose your seat online. Furthermore, for segments involving Deutsche Bahn Rail or JAL-operated flights booked under other carriers' flight numbers through different airlines, seat selection options may not be available.

With intuitive online tools, passengers can effortlessly secure their preferred seats, whether it's by the window for scenic views or with extra legroom for added relaxation. Contact us at WingsTravo to know more about JAL seat selection.


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