How to Upgrade from Economy to Business Class on Thai Airways?

The national airline of Thailand, Thai Airways, is a world-class carrier with its headquarters in Bangkok. The airline, founded in 1961, is based out of Suvarnabhumi Airport and has its corporate offices on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road in Bangkok's Chatuchak district. Thai Airways was one of the founding members of the Star Alliance.

Thai Airways has an 81-strong fleet that flies to more than 91 major destinations throughout the globe. Thai Airways is well known for its exceptional travel amenities, which place it among the top airlines in the world for low-cost travel services and amenities. Flights can be readily booked in a variety of classes, and customers can even choose to upgrade at any time.

How can I Upgrade My Seat on Thai Airways?

You can upgrade your seat on Thai Airways at a cost or in some cases, for free. Read the following points that can help you know the policy to upgrade the seats on Thai Airways flights.

  • When you are making the changes within 24 hours of booking the reservations, you can upgrade your seat on Thai Airways without incurring any fee provided that the flight departs at least 7 days later.
  • The upgrade if done past the 24 hours window, will cost you a fee to upgrade your seat to business or first class.
  • Thai Airways offers a stand-by surcharge that can upgrade your seat to the upper classes.
  • The upgrade will be subject to seat availability and the flight route during check-in.
  • This is to be noted that you can only upgrade your seats from lower to upper class and not vice versa.

If you bought your flight ticket from a third party, you have to contact them to upgrade your seats.

How Do I Upgrade from Economy to Business Class on Thai Airways?

When you travel by air, one of the nicest sensations you can experience is traveling in your desired seat. However, there are numerous instances in which you purchase a flight ticket in the economy class and then decide to upgrade to a higher class. Thai Airways is aware of these issues and offers its customers the option to upgrade their seats. There are several options to upgrade your seat on Thai Airways, all of which you should be aware of before upgrading.

Seat upgrade at the Airport: By handing over cash during check-in, you can easily upgrade your class at the airport.

Standby Upgrade Surcharge: You can also upgrade from economy class to royal silk business or first class with the Standby Upgrade Surcharge.

Royal Orchid Plus: You can use your earned miles to upgrade your flight booking to your desired cabin class if you are a member of Royal Orchid Plus.

How can I Upgrade to First Class on Thai Airways?

Thai Airways’ first-class travel offers an incredible experience for the duration of the flight. There are just a few destinations on Thai Airways where you can upgrade to first class, so you should check before doing so. Upgraded seats are contingent on catering and seat availability. When checking in at the airport, you can choose to upgrade your seat and inquire about seat availability.

You can pay for your first class on the spot in the needed amount if a seat becomes available. With the help of the methods mentioned above, you may easily and quickly upgrade Thai Airways reservations to business class or first class using your Star Alliance miles.

Can I Upgrade My Seat from Economy to Business Class on Thai Airways after Check In?

There could be situations where you have already checked in for your Thai Airways flight ticket and now you wish to upgrade your seat to Business Class. Well, you can upgrade your seat when you have booked your flight with Thai Airways. You may have to pay a fee of USD 50 to USD 250 depending upon the class you wish to upgrade to.

You can contact us at WingsTravo any time of the day if you are having any queries regarding the seat upgrade or cabin class change fee, we will help you clarify all your doubts.

FAQs of Thai Airways Seat Upgrade

Suppose you want to upgrade your economy or premium economy seat to business class with Thai Airways' upgrade policy. In that case, you can look for a complete chart of flight seats with the number of miles on their official website Thai Airways.

Yes, Thai Airways have a premium economy seat. You can book your premium economy seat with Thai Airways. If you want to explore different seat reservations in Thai Airways, you can expect the seats such as Economy, Business Class, and Royal Silk. The pricing may differ from one another. You can also earn points to buy these reservations. If you are a regular flyer of Thai Airways, you surely can earn points in Thai Airways.

Yes, Thai business class is undoubtedly worth it travel reservation flight seat. If you are looking for the best flight to book your next sky journey, then choose Thai Airways. with window and aisle seats, you get a well-trained cabin crew facility. A soft pillow and blanket to keep you cozy and snuggled. To maintain health and hygiene, you get high-end toiletry items and other accessories.

If you want to get the most out of business class in Thai Airways, you need to ensure that you are choosing the perfect seat for you. For that, you need to research a lot with Thai Airways or you can call WingsTravo at +1-888-413-6950. They have all the information about the best seats in business class. You would also get some additional information as a bonus point.

It is better to book the flights on Thai Airways in advance. However, if you are looking for the first time, you should know how early you can book the flights. Officially, it is important that you book your flight within 72 hours or 11 months before the time of departure. This is applicable to all the classes of travel flights.

First of all visit Thai Airways' official website. Select “My Booking”. Now, enter the Thai booking reference number and last name. By following the prompts, you can upgrade your flight in Thai Airways.


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