How to Make Turkish Airlines standard seat selection?

Only thing that can enhance the trip experience that you have on Turkish Airlines is the freedom to choose your own seat. And this page by WingsTravo will elaborate on how to select your seat on Turkish flights.

Can I Select Seats on Turkish Airlines?

Yes, Turkish Airlines offers passengers the convenience of selecting seats on both international and domestic flights. What is even better is that in Business Class, Turkish Airlines seat selection comes at no extra cost up until check-in. And here is a bonus perk: if you have already purchased a seat but decide to treat yourself to a Business Class upgrade, Turkish Airlines will gladly refund your seat selection fee.

This refund process is automatic if you've paid online through their website, mobile app, or via the call center and sales offices. However, if for any reason the refund doesn't happen automatically, don't worry. You can simply reach out to the helpful folks at the call center or visit one of their sales offices, and they'll assist you in getting that refund sorted out. So, no matter you are planning ahead or making a spontaneous upgrade, Turkish Airlines makes sure your journey is not only comfortable but also hassle-free from start to finish.

Does Turkish Airlines Charge for Seat Selection?

Turkish Airlines charges for seat selection, but the fees vary depending on factors such as the route and the time of selection. For all international flights, passengers can expect to pay between $19 and $249 for seat selection, with the option available from 355 days before the flight up until 6 hours before departure. Similarly, for flights originating from Canada and bound for Istanbul, Turkish Airlines seat selection fees range from 55 CAD to 190 CAD within the same time frame.

These charges ensure passengers have the flexibility to choose their preferred seats, whether it's to secure extra legroom or sit with travel companions. While there are costs involved, Turkish Airlines strives to provide a range of options to suit passengers' needs and preferences, enhancing the overall travel experience. So, while seat selection may come with a price tag, it's all about ensuring passengers can tailor their journey to their liking, from start to finish.

How to Get free Seat Selection on Turkish Airlines?

To get a complimentary seat selection on Turkish Airlines, you've got a few routes to explore. If you're flying in Business Class, you're in luck as seat selection is usually included on most flights, ensuring you can settle into your journey with ease. For those flying domestically or internationally in the Economy Class cabin, the ExtraFly and PremiumFly packages grant you free seat selection for standard seats from a whopping 355 days ahead of your flight, all the way down to just 1.5 hours before takeoff, letting you pick the perfect spot for your journey.

Even if you're opting for the EcoFly package, you still have a chance to select standard seats for free up until 6 hours before departure, giving you some flexibility to plan ahead. And if you're seeking a bit more legroom or fancy an emergency exit seat, you can still nab these options for a fee up until 6 hours before your flight. So, whether you're cruising Business Class or flying Economy, Turkish Airlines has you covered when it comes to securing the ideal seat for your travels.

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