What does Premium Select mean on Delta?

Delta Premium Select is a class offering enhanced comfort and amenities for passengers seeking a step up from standard economy without the expense of business class. It provides a spacious seating arrangement with increased legroom and wider seats compared to economy, making long-haul flights more comfortable. Get insights into premium select Delta through this page by WingsTravo.

What is Premium Select on Delta?

While Delta airlines premium select seats may not feature lie-flat beds like Delta One, Premium Select offers significant upgrades, including Sky Priority Access for smoother boarding and other benefits. Despite recent adjustments due to the pandemic, Premium Select maintains its reputation for providing a superior travel experience on Delta flights.

Passengers can expect a noticeable improvement in comfort and service, although it may not match the level of luxury found in business class. Delta's Premium Select is available on select aircraft and routes, offering travelers a more affordable alternative to business class while still enjoying enhanced amenities and comfort during their journey. For those seeking a higher level of comfort and convenience without the premium price tag, Premium Select represents a compelling option for long-haul travel with Delta Airlines.

How to Book Delta Premium Select?

Booking Delta Premium Select is a straightforward process that ensures travelers enjoy enhanced comfort and amenities during their journey. The best way to secure a Premium Select seat is by visiting Delta Airlines' official website. Here, travelers can easily browse through available flights and select the Premium Select option under the designated tab. It's important to note that booking directly through Delta's website ensures access to the most competitive rates and options. While other booking platforms may offer alternatives, they may not provide the same level of flexibility or access to Premium Select seats, especially when using miles for redemption.

Delta Premium Select seats are increasingly available on Delta's long-haul routes, spanning across the Atlantic, Pacific, and even flights to South America. Despite being a notch below Delta One, Premium Select offers a significant upgrade from standard economy and Delta Comfort Plus. By choosing Premium Select, travelers can enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable journey, albeit at a higher price point. So, when planning your next trip, consider booking Delta Premium Select for a superior travel experience.

Does Delta Premium Select get you into the Sky Lounge?

Access to the Sky Lounge isn't included with Delta Premium Select fares. Travelers must rely on elite status or certain credit cards to gain entry into Delta Sky Clubs. While Premium Select fares can be significantly more expensive than Main Cabin fares when paid with cash, WingsTravo has discovered budget-friendly options that bring the price closer to economy fares. Despite typical premium economy flights to Europe costing around $1,500, WingsTravo frequently finds fares in the $700s and $800s, making Delta Premium Select surprisingly affordable.

Delta employs dynamic pricing for award travel, resulting in redemption values that can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of SkyMiles. Delta's frequent flyers have the option to use Global Upgrade Certificates (GUCs) to secure complimentary upgrades to Premium Select, a benefit reserved for Delta's Diamond Medallion status holders. However, there are no complimentary upgrades to Premium Select for other passengers.

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